I am a South African vet living in the UK.

This blog is an occasional depository for thoughts, ideas and images picked up along the way.

I started blogging in July 2008. I have imported my original posts from the old Litnet blog, which is written predominantly in Afrikaans, my first language.

England is where I live now, and it’s time to write something in English. I have immersed myself in the culture of the country I’ve adopted and which has adopted me. However, English will always be a second language, so please bear with me if it doesn’t come out quite right.

In the Spring of 2014 I became a pilgrim and walked from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain – a 500 mile journey which I believe to be a turning point in my life. I created a separate blog about walking, called gidivet camino.

By the way, the blog name “vetweet” means something entirely different depending on the language context. In English “vetweet” means “vet tweet”. In Afrikaans, “die vet weet” is an expression of mild surprise, frustration or exasperation. In a tongue-in-cheek, language-agnostic kind of way it could also imply “the vet knows”. Who knows, he may know something from time to time. But he mainly lives in blissful ignorance.

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