Have you parked here before?


Text added on 26 January 2013:


The tourist shop up the road has post cards showing frantic people trying to rescue their waterlogged cars. Despite the clear warning signs.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it because the parking lot up the road is too expensive? Or do we think the tide will wait while we finish our cup of tea? Honestly I don’t know, but if you live around here you’ve probably been caught out, just like me. Luckily I rushed back just as the water was lapping at the door sills of my car and the only damage sustained was my injured pride.

But we do this sort of thing don’t we. Picture the kingfisher sitting on the “no fishing” sign. He couldn’t care less, because this river belongs to him. We plonk our ill-advised ideas down right under the warning signs. As if the beach belongs to us, and perhaps this time we can stop the tide.

Actually, I like that about the human race. We take risks, we don’t always consider the consequences, and generally get away with it.

So do join me! There’s a reasonable chance your feet will stay dry.