I’m in a contemplative mood. This has been brought about by a day spent mostly away from the office, catching up with a few people, running a few errands, and tonight, reading some blogs. I recently discovered a fellow veterinarian who was preparing to walk the Camino, and have been following his blog. He is currently walking the Camino and what a moving experience this is proving to be! This man suffered a great personal tragedy about a year ago, and yet, his blog speaks of hope and steadfast faith. This is truly inspirational.

Then my thoughts turn to my own life, and my own blog. I suppose, at the moment, this blog is a tiny glimpse into my story, but I’m not pouring many words into it. Mostly the words churn over in my head, but they never gather the momentum to spill over into the light of day. And I think it is better that way.

A little while ago a friend introduced me to the book “Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking.” by Susan Cain. This has been a quite significant book for me. Most notably it gave me insight in how my mind is put together, and gave me permission to be who I am. A bit of an introvert. Not a hermit though. I really enjoy the company of friends and like-minded people. I even enjoy crowds. But there has to be that secret place to recharge batteries, to process thoughts, to allow the strings on my guitar to be tuned again.

There are quite a few strings, and generally the vibrations are harmonious. Funny how when you’re a teenager you think you’re steady, unshakeable, even possibly phlegmatic. Then as life happens, and you really grow up, you discover so much discord, dissonance, even cacophony inside your own mind.

I crave harmony. I love the sound of it. Close harmony singing is my number one musical treat. I love harmony in relationships, in my workplace, in the world. Yet so often there is nothing but clattering and crashing noise.

Good, then, to retreat, not into a cave somewhere, just into a quiet café with a cup of coffee. And my own thoughts.

Who knows, some of those thoughts may find their way onto this diary. I take great comfort and strength from seeing someone with whom I share a profession on a pilgrimage not too dissimilar from my own, and I hope we’ll meet some day.