I have been encouraged to try my hand at street photography by the photographer and youtuber Kenneth Wajda. So yesterday I ventured out into the North Laine area of Brighton on a bright spring day and had some fun.

I am amazed at how much I didn’t notice when I snatched this picture, for instance the reflections in the mirror and shop window, and the way the man is wearing a hat and sunglasses similar to his sale items.


This man appears to be unaware of (or is ignoring) the camera, but the guy on the picture next to him has clocked me. Facial hair is definitely “a thing” at the moment.


He was desperately and awkwardly trying to take a selfie with his phone, and was very grateful when I offered to take the picture for him. This made me bold enough to ask if they could pose again for me the way I found them, and they happily obliged. I never thought that my camera would actually be a tool for engaging with folks on the street.


Brighton can be glorious when the sun comes out. I like the long shadows of early spring, and people coming out on the street to enjoy themselves.

mash tun


5 thoughts on “Street

  1. Hi. Just found this post. Good work. A camera is a great tool for chatting with people. Nice shooting. Keep working! Here’s to great light.

    1. Thank you. Here we are, nearly 2 years later and it’s been quite a journey. I think street photography has become part of my DNA. It’s as if a picture isn’t complete anymore without a human or 2 doing their thing.

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