This morning I boarded a train to Brighton, and grabbed my point-and-shoot camera, almost as an afterthought. You see, I have been a follower of Ted Forbes on his Youtube channel “The Art of Photography” for some time. He is a great teacher and has inspired me to join in with the new series of photo assignments. This week’s theme is “Red”.

I had to change at Barnham station, so I started scanning the platform. A red vending machine looked a bit obvious, and I deleted that one. Then I spotted the red signals above the train tracks. I recently learned that colours at the warm end of the colour spectrum stand out more and demand our attention – they are called “advancing colours”.  So I grabbed this shot of an advancing train, with only a few spots of red in the scene. I reckon it’s a bit too subtle, however the point of these assignments is to experiment and learn. Looking at it now I think the yellow is a bit overpowering.


The second image works better. Here we are in Brighton station, and I noticed the two people a few steps ahead of me with the red suitcase. The red is nicely contrasted against the blue, and it’s almost as if the couple planned their colour scheme especially for the journey.


I spotted the row of red X’s, and waited for a person to walk into the foreground – bingo! The red hair was an unexpected bonus.


I wandered down to the Brighton Palace Pier after lunch. The splash of red is quite small but intense, and I waited for the seagull to spread its wings. This is probably my favourite of the day.


Brighton has an explosion of coffee shops and  Small Batch Coffee Roasters stands out by offering a lively ambience and many different ways to brew your coffee.

I noticed that the lighting was quite warm, the lady in front of me had red hair, and the girl in the red skirt came along to complete the picture. Here the red isn’t immediately obvious, and if I’d been there earlier there may have been better light, but to me it created quite a pleasing image.


I spotted the red bucket and went over. The street entertainer chose a red building and the toddler also wore red, so all I had to do was wait for some action. Here I would have liked to wait for the sun to go down a bit more to get a blue sky, but the street scene wasn’t going to wait around for the light to improve.


So that’s that. It was great to go out with a single theme in mind. I’m looking forward to doing more of these challenges.


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